Reclaiming Your Worth Outside of Work

If you are a Black woman who

  • Feels trapped in your workplace

  • Worked hard to achieve the success of getting a degree or two(or three)

  • Believed working for a “name brand” organization would lead to a sense of happiness

  • Achieved the professional goals you’ve set out for yourself but feel deeply dissatisfied and unhappy in the work you do.

  • Is in a leadership, management or c-suite role and feel unable to relate to others around your work stress.

  • Feels overworked and undervalued

  • Feels isolated or depleted

This Workshop is for you….

8 virtual group sessions with other Black women in similar circumstances

2 one on one coaching sessions with a RestWork coach.

This workshop will give you the tools for:

  • Opening your mind: learn how to stop doubting yourself at work, how to recognize a toxic workspace earlier, redefine your power in the working relationship.

  • Freeing your Body: give yourself permission to rest; learn rest practices that can be implemented into your day to day; learn to take care of your nervous system

  • Reconnecting with your community: Do the work collectively; access your creativity; feel seen and supported in a space created JUST FOR YOU.

Registration Cost

Cost for 8 group sessions and 2 one-on-one coaching sessions is $960

Can be paid in 3 installments of $320

Or one payment of $800


Dates(All Times are Pacific Standard Time)

Saturday, March 4th, from  10am-12pm

Saturday, March 11th, from 10-12pm

Saturday, March 18th, from 10-12pm

Saturday, March 25th, from 10-12pm

Saturday, April 1st, from 10-12pm

Saturday, April 8th, from 10-12pm

Sunday, April 16th, from 1-3pm 

Saturday, April 29th, from 10-12pm

Meet Your Facilitators


Ngozi(she/her) is a licensed mental health professional and mind-body coach who has worked with hundreds of clients to navigate work-related stress and heal from workplace trauma. She is passionate about helping people find their purpose and detach their worth from the work they do. She is particularly passionate about supporting Black women in this work. RestWork was born out of a period of rest in her own life and she now hopes to bring restful energy to the work of building community, deconstructing beliefs about worth and value, and empowering others to live authentic, fulfilling lives.


Nkem (she/they) is a masterpiece-in-progress who identifies as a transformational program designer, artist, coach, teacher, and energy cultivation practitioner. Her style of being in the world is intentional, (com)passionate, idealistic, pleasure-centered, and wisdom-centered; these attributes are woven throughout her art and projects, the programs she creates, and the way she works with her communities. Through her work and her passions, Nkem hopes other beings will gain a deeper relation to themselves, a sense of community, and more access to ‘aha’ moments leading them to greater personal and spiritual enlightenment. Learn more about Nkem and her practice here.