Navigating Overwhelming Emotions

Don’t let your past steal your present.

You Are Not Your Emotions

You might feel like your entire world is crashing down, but that doesn’t mean it is! It’s okay to feel devastated. It’s okay to be pissed off. Feeling emotions doesn’t make you an eternally angry or sad person. It doesn’t make you weak, either. It makes you human! 

Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t let your emotions hijack the choices you make. Many of us make decisions we regret because we are unable to identify or regulate our emotional responses.

Truly understanding your emotions will help you feel stronger and more competent to deal with situations differently. It’s not as simple as suppressing them or pushing them away. I will walk you through different ways of identifying and managing the rainbow of emotions that may get you into trouble. 

Work Through Your Emotions in a Safe Space

People walk around with bottled-up emotions way too often, which commonly leads to having an emotionally explosive personality or completely shutting down emotionally. I want to help you communicate and express your needs and experiences in a healthy effective way. It doesn’t matter if:

  • You aren’t sure why you feel like your emotions are out of control.
  • You don’t understand your feelings.
  • You’re upset about something that happened a long time ago.
  • You’re having trouble coping with loss or heartbreak.
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed at work.

Your situation may not necessarily change, but you can. Let’s talk about how to do that. We’ll work through problems in a way that is catered to you. It may be painful. It WILL be challenging. But I’m always on your side and I’m always working to help you feel better and move towards your goals.