I Help You Take The Steps Towards Growth, Change & Life Balance

Licensed, Reliable and Non-Judgemental Therapy for Individuals and Couples

Hello, I'm your Therapist

Ngozi Ojukwu

Welcome!! So you’re considering therapy and something in your search brought you to this site. I am so grateful you made it here.

Therapy can be powerful and life changing. It can give you hope and solutions to issues you’ve struggled with for years. With the right therapist, the right timing, and the willingness to REALLY look at yourself—growth, change, and health are all possible.

I am a compassionate, nonjudgmental person interested in the real you. In getting to know you, I believe I can help you heal. I know going to therapy can be exhausting. Having to tell a stranger your “whole life story” and hoping they “get it”….Hoping you and the therapist vibe and that they don’t say or do something that puts your guard right back up. It can be irritating & scary, nerve-wracking & disappointing. But I believe your experience with me can be different.

Take some time to get to know me and my practice; then, I hope you will make the choice to reach out.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Therapy Practice Areas

These are the areas where I can help.


Individual Counseling

When things get hard, it can help to have someone safe to talk to. Therapy is a process where you can talk to a compassionate, nonjudgmental person and get healthy, encouraging feedback.


Couples Counseling

For many, our relationships can be seriously lacking or feel out of control. There are steps to take and tools to use that can improve the way we relate with others.

My Approach

I take a process-oriented approach to therapy. This means I bring focus to your decision making process.

My Fees

I have reasonable fees for therapy sessions that fit varying timeframes to suit your needs.

My Clients

Therapy can help you reduce stress and increase positive sense of self. Your environment may not necessarily change, but you can.