Family Counseling

Families, as a system, have their own patterns and rules. Each individual plays their own role in the family system and this contributes to the conditions and routines. Patterns and routines create a sense of familiarity and identity within the family system. This continues even when there is dysfunction within the family unit. Although you can recognize something feels wrong, it can be very difficult to make things better because structures within the family can be hard to change.

But change can happen. It can be helpful to spend time understanding the dynamics of various relationships within the family. How siblings communicate with each other, how parents interact with their children, these and other dynamics can be examined during therapy. I work with families to improve boundaries and communication and help members of the family feel better understood and connected to each other.

I work with families around issues related to:

  • Blended families
  • Being an adoptive parent or adopted child
  • The effect of divorce
  • Death in the family
  • Power struggles between parents and children
  • Generational traumas
  • New additions to the family
  • Issues specific to immigrant families