Couples Counseling

Couples Therapy

Have you been feeling ambivalent about your relationship…or relationships in general?

Were you recently devastated by a partner’s betrayal?

Do you feel frustrated in your ability to communicate with your partner?

Have you realized the satisfaction and security you thought you’d feel in your relationship is actually not there?

Are you unsure about the future of your relationship?

Life is all about relationships. Our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with others. We choose to develop deeper relationships with certain people for various reasons. Those relationships can bring us joy, a sense of belonging, steady companionship, and even purpose. Yet for many, our relationships can be seriously lacking or feel out of control.

For some the goal of therapy may be healing wounds and letting go of past transgressions, for others it may be separating as peacefully as possible. For others still, it may be creating consent, understanding, and boundaries within a non-monogamous relationship.

Let’s have those hard conversations. Let’s deepen those relationships or let them go. I can teach you how to better communicate with your partner. You can learn to respond to each other rather than react to your emotions. There are steps to take and tools to use that can improve your communication, your expectations, and your relational satisfaction.