I’m Ngozi Ojukwu, LMFT.
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

When’s the last time you asked yourself: “Who am I?” or “What do I want?”
Sometimes I’m hesitant to ask myself those questions, but the answers to those questions hold potential for so much growth.





These are a few words that describe who I am. Since a lot of people wonder how to say my name, it’s pronounced Ngozi [Ehn- Go- Zee].

I graduated from Cornell University with a BA in Psychology and the University of San Francisco with a MA in Counseling Psychology.  I’ve been a practicing psychotherapist for over 7 years and in my time I’ve learned A LOT about people.

One important thing that I’ve learned as a student of psychology:

You can study a group of people and draw general conclusions about human behavior, but there are always exceptions.

People are beautifully complicated. There is no straight path to navigate this world. Everyone’s purpose is different, and acknowledging differences is vital to seeing people for who they really are.

One important thing I’ve learned as a talk therapist working with individuals and couples is:

Stories are powerful, and if we pay attention, they can unlock so much about who we are.

I can help you tell your stories and find a deeper understanding of who you are and what you truly want in life.

One important thing I’ve learned as a Black therapist is: I cannot do this work of psychotherapy without exploring the ways trauma from oppression and colonization impacts mental health.

 I prioritize this in therapy and consistently challenge my clients to do the same.

As a culturally sensitive psychotherapist, I strive to help you discover your own path with compassionate, non-judgmental therapy.


"Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.
Maya Angelou


What Drives Me to Help You

As a child of immigrants, I grew up in two very different worlds –the American and the Nigerian worlds.

These two cultures often conflicted in values, expectations, and priorities. I believe part of my experience of being a child of immigrants was learning to find balance in often conflicting experiences.

I understand the pressures of family expectations while trying to forge an individual path.

I get the importance of striving for success for both yourself AND your community.

I also know what it’s like to belong to and feel apart from your various cultures.

I have observed and learned how people exist in worlds outside of my own - all while trying to fit into spaces that were not always welcoming to me.

I know that certain parts of myself show up in certain situations and depending on who is around, I can change how I talk or behave.

These differing parts of myself can sometimes be in conflict with each other. I am constantly working to challenge and help others to do the same.

What This Means For You

My life experiences formed my process-oriented approach. I ask the hard questions to help you better understand yourself and your decision making process.

I teach you how to put aside judgement and increase curiosity.

I can help you identify your sense of self and decision-making process.

From there, I give you tools to help you replace the shame and judgement with self-acceptance and compassionate change.

Learn More About Who I Work With

I enjoy working with people who are searching to understand themselves better. I hope you know that the answers are already within you. Sometimes we just need to ask the right questions to get them out. That’s where I come in.


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